Gruenberg - 2018 Year In Review

Posted: Dec 11, 2018

Gruenberg Oven also had a strong year in 2018. Distributing ovens to the pharmaceuticalmedical, and lab animal science industries, Gruenberg had another year of increased shipments. A total of 111 units were distributed by Gruenberg oven, including pharmaceutical sterilizers and granulation dryers to the pharmaceutical industry.

2018 also saw growth for the Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ dry heat sterilizer series. The Steri-Dry™ series is preferred in the lab animal science industry because it uses dry heat instead of steam. The dry heat provides a greener, more cost-effective solution than the traditional steam autoclaves previously used for sterilizing animal cages. Demand for eco-friendly equipment will continue to increase in 2019, allowing for continued growth for Gruenberg’s Steri-Dry™ series.

 “The TPS team capped off a successful 2018 at Gruenberg, where we strengthened our customer relationships and invested in our business and workforce. Gruenberg did an excellent job effectively managing supply chain challenges as well as higher raw material costs, while maintaining focus on delivering quality products. 2018 saw a steady increase in our sales to the pharmaceutical industry with Dry Heat Sterilizers, Granulation Dryers, and Cleanroom systems to Medical Device Markets. The Gruenberg SteriDry™ Dry Heat Sterilizer continues to see substantial growth in the lab animal science industry with its proven dry sterilization technology penetrating outside of the US.” – Dave Strand, President & CEO, TPS


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