Depyrogenation Process & Sterilization

Use of a depyrogenation oven is an essential step in many pharmaceutical processes. This process is one of the last steps prior to introducing the drug for packaging. Similar to dry heat sterilization, depyrogenation sterilization is exposure to a specific temperature for specific duration. Such processes typically run at the higher end of the temperature spectrum between 500 and 550 F. The depyrogenation process is commonly performed on glassware, but is viable for other materials including, medical devices, stainless steel etc. Gruenberg designs and manufactures depyrogenation ovens in multiple configurations. Batch ovens (truck and cabinet style) and conveyor ovens are both used for depyrogenation applications. The experienced design team at Gruenberg will work closely with you to determine the best equipment configuration for your application. Ready to get started? Send us a few details and we’ll be in touch soon.


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