Vivarium Dry Heat Sterilizers

Gruenberg manufactures a range of lab-animal science sterilizers for the decontamination and sterilization of animal-habitat cages and equipment. Available in cabinet style; open-truck, bulk configurations; closed-container style; and pod configurations, Gruenberg vivarium sterilizers eliminate harmful pathogens to protect both scientists and laboratory animals.

Offering patent-pending PRECISIONFLO® 100-percent-focused, forced-air convection technology, Gruenberg’s quiet, dry-heat sterilization for vivarium solutions offer a more environmentally sensitive, lower-cost, and more efficient and flexible alternative to the high-pressure, steam-heat sterilization of autoclaves.

The Animal Care Services department of the University of Florida released a study performed at the Gainesville, Florida campus supporting the use of dry heat sterilization as a viable sterilization method for rodent cages and bedding. Read the full study here.

University of Florida Dry Heat Sterilization Study


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