Hazardous Material Processing

Features of a hazardous material processing (safety) ovens are specifically selected for the process and/or material being processed.  A very common safety oven sometimes conforms to the NFPA 86 Class A specification.  Class A ovens use air dilution to maintain a safe oven atmosphere that resides below the lower explosive limit.  Along with oven atmosphere dilution other safeties are designed in place from an electrical, controls standpoint.  Intrinsically safe ovens eliminate any source of ignition from being present in the area that may contain the hazardous substance at any given time.  Explosion proof ovens incorporate features to safely contain an explosion if it were to occur. For an oven that typically means surface temperature limitations and designed in features to eliminate any electrical or mechanical sparking sources.  Gruenberg is capable of providing most types of hazardous material processing ovens, including NFPA 86 Class A, NFPA 86 Class A inert gas,  intrinsically safe - explosion resistant.  Also available is the patented Hurricane oven which uses friction as the source of heat, eliminating any chance a surface with in the oven adjacent to the hazard from being at an unsafe temperature for the process.


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