Pharmaceutical Ovens & Medical Sterilizers

Gruenberg’s custom pharmaceutical ovens, medical sterilizers, and depyrogenation ovens utilize dry heat sterilization technology and are available in a variety of configurations. Dry heat sterilization designs include laboratory, cabinet, truck-in, pass-through, and continuous arrangements. Gruenberg ovens and sterilizers are used for applications such as medical device drying, pharmaceutical granulation drying, lab utensil sterilization, and more. Gruenberg also manufactures a line of granulation dryers for use in pharmaceutical applications. These granulation dryers are available in standard sizes and can also be custom designed to meet a customer's specifications.

All Gruenberg medical sterilizers are customized to your specific temperature and cycle-time requirements. They are engineered with HEPA filters and a Heliarc® continuously welded interior to prevent contaminants from entering the chamber. Superior airflow and temperature capabilities ensure uniform moisture removal. Models with HEPA filtration and NFPA 86 Class B or Class “A” with optional inert atmosphere features meet the toughest industry requirements and safety standards. Common products processed in a Gruenberg sterilizer or drying oven include glassware, metal instruments, granulation, and medical devices.


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