Explosion Resistant Ovens For Flammable Solvents

Gruenberg manufactures explosion resistant safety ovens for flammable solvents that meet Class I, 2, 3 for Groups A-G atmospheres.

Explosion-resistant ovens are designed to safely operate in environments that require extra precautions when working with flammable solvents. These ovens are equipped with specialized features such as pressure relief mechanisms, sealed electrical connections, and spark-resistant components to prevent any potential ignition sources from causing an explosion. 

These ovens are ideal for many different applications involving hazardous materials, flammable solvents or dust particles that may be encountered in drying, curing and/or finishing processes.

Explosion-resistant ovens are commonly used in a variety of industrial and research applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical processing, and aerospace testing. They are also used for drying, curing, and heat treating materials that require a controlled environment. .

Our flammable solvent venting ovens are designed to house volatile atmospheres and used to handle and expel hazardous and flammable vapors. Explosion resistant designs are available in batch and conveyor configurations when equipment will be installed within a hazardous location as defined within the National Electric Code (NEC).

When choosing an explosion-resistant oven, it is important to consider the type of solvent being used, the temperature range required, and the size and capacity needed for the application. With the right safety measures in place, explosion-resistant ovens can provide a reliable and secure solution for heating and drying materials that require extra protection. If you need help choosing the correct explosion resistant oven for your needs, Contact Us and an expert will answer your questions


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