Gruenberg Ships Cabinet Oven to the Plastics Industry

Posted: Jan 31, 2024

Gruenberg, a leading industrial oven and sterilizer manufacturer, is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) Cabinet Oven to the plastics industry. The oven will be used for preheating plastic molds.

The cabinet oven has a maximum temperature rating of 121°C and interior dimensions of 60” W x 48” D x 60” H. The interior chamber is constructed of 304 stainless steel and contains a 3/16” thick plate floor with a beveled front edge for smooth loading in and out of the oven. This unit includes nine (9) loading shelves with rollers and a no-tip shelf slide design. The shelves are perforated to maximize vertical airflow through the shelves.

The oven temperature is controlled by a Watlow EZ Zone PM controller with an advanced PID control algorithm. The oven utilizes a compound vertical-up airflow configuration to ensure uniform heat distribution and optimize efficiency. With this design, the air enters the chamber throughout the entire height of both sidewalls, flows into the work chamber from both sides and then vertically up through the product and chamber. A humidity sensor is located on the circulation blower and monitors the percentage of moisture in the work chamber. 

“The customer requested that this cabinet oven be easy to load and unload their product.  We provided (9) roll-out shelves, each with a load capacity of 50 pounds.”

 – Mike Schneck, Gruenberg Product Manager

Unique features of this Gruenberg Cabinet Oven include:

  • Nine (9) perforated roll-out shelves
  • No-tip shelf slide design
  • Oven floor with beveled front edge
  • Watlow high-limit controller to prevent overheating
  • Watlow EZ Zone PM temperature controller
  • Compound vertical-up airflow design
  • Humidity sensor to monitor moisture in chamber




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