Gruenberg Ships Dry Heat Sterilizer to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted: Jun 28, 2023

Gruenberg, a leading industrial oven and sterilizer manufacturer, announced the shipment of a truck-in Steri-Dry vivarium sterilizer to a pharmaceutical manufacturer for polysulphone cage sterilization. A factory cage sterility verification was performed prior to shipment and after installation at the customer’s facility.

The sterilizer has a maximum temperature rating of 400° F and interior chamber dimensions of 40” W x 80” D x 82” H. The unit is designed with a viewing window in the door and an interior door lock override cable that shuts down the system and unlocks the door when pulled. The UL508A certified control console includes an operator interface terminal with a 10” screen, Ethernet communications, data logging, and recipe management capabilities. Cycle temperature is controlled by an Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC.

This Steri-Dry™ vivarium sterilizer features split line construction with interior joining flanges so it can be moved into the customer facility in two (2) sections. This modular design is used to accommodate move-in restrictions such as door passages or smaller hallways and eliminates onsite facility modifications to install the sterilizer. This unit is also designed for integration with the customer’s building maintenance system with two (2) dry contacts. One of the contacts signals the system when the sterilizer is in cycle at low exhaust flow and the other alerts the system when the sterilizer is in cooling at high exhaust flow.

“Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ vivarium sterilizers feature a continuously welded liner to create a barrier between the process chamber and insulation material. This design prevents any contamination from entering the chamber.”

-Mike Schneck, Gruenberg Product Manager

Unique features of this Gruenberg dry heat sterilizer include:

  • Temperature uniformity of +/- 5°F at a setpoint of 300°F
  • Split line construction for ease of installation
  • UL508a control panel certification
  • Panel mounted thermal printer for event logging
  • Horizontal airflow system for optimal efficiency
  • Factory and field cage sterility verification
  • Dry contacts for integration with building maintenance system




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