Gruenberg Ships One Custom Tunnel Isolator Dryer to the Medical Industry

Posted: Jun 24, 2022

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Custom Gruenberg Tunnel Isolator Dryer to the medical industry.

The operating temperature of this dryer is between 15°C and 28°C. The typical operating temperature is 20°C and the maximum temperature of the dryer is 43°C. It has been designed to replicate humidity conditions of 5% humidity.

It has interior dimensions of 34” W x 91” D x 23” H. The dryer has a stainless-steel floor and conveyor, and the walls and ceiling are Lexan. All seams are RTV-sealed and drying is accomplished through the use of combination refrigeration and desiccant dryers.

This custom Gruenberg Tunnel Isolator Dryer will feature automatic doors and shall be capable of drying 200 mL per hour while maintaining a 5% RH atmosphere. The dryer also includes NIST Calibration Certificates for the thermocouples, a temperature controller with humidity control, and a high limit controller.

“This tunnel isolator dryer includes controlled temperature, controlled humidity, and pressure compensation similar to a previous product supplied to this customer in 2008. The dryer also offers vertical lift doors at each end of the dry air isolation tunnel that open simultaneously to permit the indexing of product. The staging areas are equipped with banner tray sensors to verify condition. Providing customers with custom solutions for their needs is something we are always happy to do.”

- Mike Schneck, Director of Engineering

Unique features of this Gruenberg Tunnel Isolator Dryer include:

  • Disconnect switch
  • Enclosed conveyor body made up of Lexan panels
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Beacon light to indicate ‘remove tray’ or ‘ready’
  • Full access side-hinged Lexan doors
  • Incolloy heating elements





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