Gruenberg Ships Three Truck-In Vivarium Sterilizers to University Research Center

Posted: May 18, 2023

Gruenberg, a leading industrial oven and sterilizer manufacturer, announced the shipment of three (3) multi truck Steri-Dry™ vivarium sterilizers to a university for lab animal cage sterilization. A factory cage sterility verification was performed on each unit prior to shipment.

These Steri-Dry™ units will be placed side by side in the customer’s facility and a multiple unit start-up interlock feature was included. This feature prevents simultaneous start-ups which could create a power requirement that exceeds the total customer specified limitation. The sterilizers are also designed for pass through operation with multiple load/unload configurations. This type of design provides ease of loading and unloading for operators along with maximizing the efficiency of moving loads throughout the day.

The sterilizers feature continuously welded stainless-steel liners to prevent any contaminants from entering the chambers. The maximum temperature rating of each unit is 400° F and two interior chambers with dimensions of 40” W x 134” D x 84” H. A high volume PRECISIONFLO horizontal airflow system is installed on each unit.  Advanced heater and fan circulation diagnostics are incorporated to sense potential, but unlikely, heater and/or fan failures that could negatively affect the sterilization process.

The sterilizers are controlled from a remote, free-standing control console designed and built to NEMA 12 standards to comply with UL508A regulations. The console includes an intuitive Operator Interface touch screen terminal and an Allen Bradley Micro850 PLC. The system provides recipe management, data logging, and Ethernet communications.

“Most Steri-Dry™ vivarium sterilizers are designed with split line construction to accommodate the move-in restrictions at the customer’s facility. These units were built in seven (7) sections with special interior joining flanges to connect the modules. This modular design allows our team to move-in the equipment in a facility that may have many architectural restrictions, such as door passages or smaller hallways.  Eliminating the need to do facility modifications just to get the sterilizer in place. ”

-Mike Schneck, Gruenberg Product Manager

Unique features of this Gruenberg vivarium sterilizer include:

  • UL508a control panel certification
  • Panel mounted thermal printer for event logging
  • PRECISIONFLO horizontal airflow system
  • Validated sterilization cycles at the factory and installation site




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