New industrial oven with “pill pushing” robotic gantry precisely removes excess moisture from 3D-printed pharmaceuticals

Posted: Jun 03, 2015

When a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals approached Thermal Product Solutions with a request to design an industrial oven that would uniformly remove excess moisture from prescription medications being produced using a 3D-printing process, Gruenberg engineers developed a custom solution that includes a robotic gantry, heat-saving windows, and internal actuators and sensors that precisely positions and dries trays of 3D-printed pills to exact specifications.

To ensure the quality and uniformity of each pill, this new conveyor oven precisely times, loads, arranges, positions, heats, monitors, and removes trays of pharmaceuticals, drying them to specific standards. The oven has thin window slits, rather than a large door, to conserve heat and maintain precise temperature control of the 80⁰C environment as trays of product enter and exit the chamber. 


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