Thermal Product Solutions Ships Gruenberg Class “A” Granulation Dryer for a Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Company

Posted: Jan 23, 2017

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Gruenberg Class “A” Pharmaceutical Lab Dryer to a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company. This pharmaceutical oven is being used for drying solvent from granulation loaded onto the trays.

This Gruenberg granulation dryer has a maximum temperature rating of 210⁰ F and work chamber dimensions of 26”W x 32”D x 36”H. The lab dryer’s 304L stainless steel liner is continuously welded to create an impervious barrier between the process chamber and the insulation material and preventing any contamination from entering the chamber from that source. All interconnecting struts are non-continuous from inner to outer walls, to keep the exterior can stay as cool as possible.

“When designing equipment for a pharmaceutical environment it is critical ensure that the product being processed is protected from any contaminants. The stainless steel interior and continuous welds are just part of the design that meets the Class A specifications for this granulation dryer.”- Blake Lawson, Applications Engineer

Unique features of this Gruenberg Class “A” Pharmaceutical Dryer includes:

  • Intake, recirculation, and exhaust HEPA filters

  • Horizontal airflow for uniform temperature distribution.

  • Powered exhaust for solvent venting

  • Pressure relief door

  • Side mounted controls

  • Casters for mobility

  • Solvent monitors for safety




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