Thermal Product Solutions Ships Gruenberg Drying Ovens to Automotive Industry

Posted: Mar 16, 2017

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of two Gruenberg dryers to a prominent diesel engine manufacturer. The drying ovens will be used to dry diesel particulate filters after they are washed during the recycling process. The recycling of diesel particulate filters is a rapidly growing industry. The recycled filters are a “green” solution by minimizing waste.

These Gruenberg dryers are duplicates to a previous order this customer had placed in 2015. Due to a large expansion and the need to increase their production rate, the customer decided to add two more dryers to their facility.

These Gruenberg drying ovens have maximum temperature ratings of 1250⁰ F and work chambers of 48” W x 72” D x 72” H. After the filters are washed each filter contains 12-15 lbs. of water. The filters are placed in the ovens and the temperature is ramped to 1200°F at a controlled pace to flash off the water. The drying ovens are equipped with a one million BTU gas burner and a VFD equipped powered exhaust blower with up to 2,000 CFM capacity to remove water vapor and assist during the cooling phase. These Gruenberg dryers eased material handling issues by utilizing product fixtures that are loaded into the oven with a fork truck. The heat for the dryers is generated from gas for economical operation at their facility.

“Due to a recent expansion, this customer needed to increase their production capacity. These dryers are able to remove a large amount of water vapor in a controlled manner and not only increased their productivity with more capacity and decreased cycle time, but also improved the quality of the recycled filters.”-Scott Batchelder, Sales Representative

Unique features of these Gruenberg dryers include:

  • Yokogawa UP55A programmable controller

  • Brixon Door Latches

  • Fully welded 309 stainless steel work chamber        

  • Three stage powered exhaust, up to 2000 CFM for cooling and water vapor removal

  • One million BTU gas burner



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