Top Loading Ovens for the Oil & Gas Industry

Posted: Nov 19, 2013


The Silver Select™ top loading industrial ovens by Gruenberg were designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Distinctive features and options make these ovens the perfect choice for oil and gas well downhole tool logging and calibration..

The ovens come with a variety of standard features and available options. Most notable are the ovens’ “L” shaped, counterweighted lids, which enable large, heavy tools to be loaded into the chamber from above. The ovens also feature heavy duty casters with swivel and brake for improved mobility. High capacity horizontal airflow systems ensure precision, while the heavy-duty structural steel frames provide extreme durability. Additional features of the Silver Select™ top loading industrial ovens include:

500°F maximum temperature Incoloy sheathed, seamless tubular heaters Centrifugal type blower wheel Differential air pressure switch

Learn more about the Silver Select™ Top Loading Oven or explore the entire line of Silver Select™ Gruenberg ovens.


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