TPS Ships Pass-Thru Dry Heat Sterilizer to University Laboratory for Testing

Posted: Apr 26, 2016

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Gruenberg Vivarium Pass-Thru SteriDry™ Cabinet Sterilizer to be used in a university research facility. The dry heat sterilizer will be used for sterilizing animal cages, empty water bottles and other material. A single door of double wall construction is at both the load end and unload end of the vivarium sterilizer. This pass-thru design ensures ease of loading and unloading, improving the overall workflow of the research facility’s sterilization process. The university’s laboratory setting had limited floor space for the sterilizer. The dry heat sterilizer’s space saving design features bottom mounted Hepa filters and fit within their required footprint without sacrificing their load capacity.

The Gruenberg dry heat sterilizer has a maximum temperature rating of 350°F and interior dimensions of 35” W x 26” H x 30” L. The customer required temperature uniformity of ± 5°F at 320°F for this unit. The uniformity was verified through a 9-point profile test within a volume of space not exceeding 80% of the work chamber. The SteriDry™ utilizes a stainless steel construction and bottom mounted HEPA filters. The HEPA filters are rated at 99.97% efficient at particles of 0.3 microns or larger making them ideal for clean room environments.

The aftermarket services team at TPS provided installation supervision and start-up and training for this unit. A factory trained technician supervised the installation of the SteriDry™ and provided start-up and training on the sterilizer. The post installation validation option was also chosen by the customer to test the unit after installation and make sure the performance matched the system’s validation protocols as they were when tested at the TPS facility. 


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