TPS Ships Steri-Dry™ Dry Heat Sterilizer for a Leader in the Healthcare Market

Posted: Sep 01, 2016

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of a Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ Dry Heat Sterilizer to a leader in the healthcare market. This Sterilizer was designed and built for lab animal science applications with the purpose of sterilizing animal habitat cages through the process of dry heat sterilization.  The dry heat sterilizer does not require any water resources to operate making it a greener technology than other steam options.

The Steri-Dry™ was the perfect solution for the customer offering the installation advantage of a design that is two to three times lighter than an equivalent steam system and utilizes much less floor space. The Steri-Dry™ is designed as individual modules so it can fit through most corridors, service elevators, and doors and can be reassembled at the location of use. This allows for ease of transportation and quick assembly time for the end user. It also offers a great savings to the customer because initial cost, rigging costs, installation and utility costs are all less than most steam bulk sterilizers.

The maximum temperature of this lab animal science sterilizer is 400°F with an operating temperature is 320°F. The work chamber dimensions are 40”W x 66”D x 84”H. Due to architectural restrictions this unit features a right side mounted plenum and panelized construction for easy reassembly onsite. This Steri-Dry™ utilizes a unique, focused forced air convection airflow design that minimizes the customer’s process cycle time while maximizing the product throughput capability.

Gruenberg Steri-Dry™ Heat Sterilizer Oven features:

  • Right side mounted plenum due to room ceiling height restrictions

  • Front double door to reduce the swing radius clearance of the front doors

  • Intake and Exhaust HEPA filters with Forced Exhaust Package for a faster cool down cycle

  • HMI and PLC operating control system

  • Total stainless steel construction both inside and outside of the unit

  • Panelized construction due to architectural move-in restrictions at customer’s facility

  • Designed to utilize customer’s existing racks and cages



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