Gruenberg Introduces Patent-Pending Ignition Free Safety Oven Series

Posted: Jul 28, 2020

Gruenberg is pleased to announce the invention of their Hurricane Oven series. The design uses a patent pending heating method which is ignition free and is independent of the blower used for the circulation airflow, making it safe for use with volatile materials and solvents without sacrificing performance. The heating method utilizes two blowers, one blower circulates the airflow in the oven while the other blower generates heat from air friction created by the fan.

The Hurricane Oven series features an economical and durable design. It is ideal for use in Class I and II Hazardous Locations, where a wide range of flammable organic and inorganic materials are encountered in drying, curing, bonding, encapsulating, and finishing applications. Because the systems are ignition free, the maximum quantity of solvent per batch is not limited as it would be with a Class A oven. The modulated rotational speed for the heating blower adjusts the heat input without changing air circulation rate. An optional ramp and soak controller can be used to program complex temperature profiles.


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